Top WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Have

They say that simplicity is beauty, but in the world of online marketing and web domination, a simple website with basic features could spell failure. The more effort and the more features you incorporate into your blog, the better. Lucky for us that WordPress, has over 15,000 plugins- each one just waiting to be put to good use.
To help you choose which ones to install, we’ve compiled a list of the 25 best WordPress plugins today. Successful internet marketers use these and so should you:

1. Akismet Plugin
Spam is something that all administrators hate. It adds up to maintenance time and it clutters up your comments area. Akismet solves this by checking each comment, labelling the ones that look like spam and then giving you the authority to delete them as you see fit. It even highlights hidden or misleading links in the comments. A very accurate tool indeed.

2. All in One SEO Pack Plugin
The All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins today. Why? Three letters- S.E.O. With just little effort from you, this tool can create effective SEO tools for your blog or website. It can help you add descriptions to your post, tags, keywords and many other components that search engines will definitely find relevant.

3. Gravity Forms Plugin
Forms are very important for professional user interaction but they are very tedious to create. The Gravity Forms Plugin does all the work for you. No longer do you have to deal with complicated coding and designing. This plugin is very easy to use and all you have to do is decide on what you want your form to look like. Choose the criteria, the size and the colors, and then voila, a ready-to use form for your website!

4. Google XML Sitemaps Plugin
SEO is the biggest concern of most online marketers, and one of the most effective ways to improve search engine rankings is though an XML sitemap, which search engines like Google use to index your site better. For those who don’t know how to create sitemaps using coding, this plugin will definitely be a lifesaver.

5. Podcasting Plugin
For those who want to add a new dimension to their posts through audio, the Podcasting plugin will be your new best friend. It has a nice player that your site visitors can use to listen to your audio posts right then and there. No more redirecting to third party players like Windows Media Player or iTunes. Your goal to be heard can now be a reality.

6. W3 Total Cache Plugin
There are two main reasons on why this plugin is so popular. First is because it helps your page to load faster. Second, because it requires much less CPU processing time for the administrator. It does this by automatically storing static versions of your site. So in summary, faster for you and faster for your readers!

7. Studiopress Simple URL Plugin
This is a useful tool for people using affiliate programs and people who just like their URL’s short and neat. The Studiopress Simple URL Plugin creates short bite-sized versions of your otherwise long and messy URL’s. You can even track each link to see how many times it’s been clicked.

8. ShrimpTest Plugin
No, this has nothing to do with delicious seafood. But it does have delicious features that you will find useful. The ShrimpTest plugin allows users to A/B test their site. Those who are fickle with design, layout and content placement will love seeing alternative options that they can choose from. It’s been built for especially for WordPress so compatibility is never an issue.

9. SEO Friendly Images Plugin
In case you’re not aware of this, the images you put on your site can greatly improve your SEO. With this plugin, you won’t have to manually put ALT descriptions or descriptive tags for your images just to make them SEO-friendly. The plugin will do it for you.

10. SEO Smart Links Plugin
Internal links can also boost your SEO, and this is what this plugin is all about. From the creators of the SEO Friendly Images plugin, comes this nifty tool that will automatically link keywords and phrases from your posts, to other related content on your site. This includes posts, pages, categories- the works!

11. GoTryThis Plugin
Internet marketers who are active with affiliate marketing use this plugin to protect their affiliate and marketing links. By redirecting your links and distributing them across your various domains, you’re assured that your links are safe from hackers and bots.

12. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin
This plugin leverages the power of familiarity and convenience. Research shows that customers are more inclined to buy something if it is from a local distributor. With the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin, any Amazon affiliate links on your site are changed with the use of your affiliate ID. It ensures that your users are directed to a local page thereby increasing the chances of a sale. Affiliate marketers just love this nifty tool.

13. SEO Made Simple Plugin
This is another SEO tool that will help your site rise to the top. It will tell you what language search engine users are using nowadays and help you to incorporate them to your content. It will also tell you other keywords in your post that you may have overlooked. With this plugin, you’ll have more time to focus on your content and less time worrying about how to boost your page rankings.

14. Feedburner Plugin
Feeds are important for people who want to gain a huge number of followers. For those who don’t know how to deal with the necessary coding, the Feedburner plugin will provide custom RSS feeds for your site. This widely popular plugin also has a lot of tools that you can use to create effective campaigns.

15. WPtouch Plugin
In this era or mobility, a lot of people are surfing the internet using their smart phones, tablet PC’s and other mobile devices. To address the needs of this market, you can use the WPtouch plugin to create a simplified version of your site that is easily readable on any type of mobile device. Talk about handy!

16. Comment Notifier Plugin
For websites with more than one administrator or authors, the Comment Notifier Plugin is very useful for joint moderation. Whenever a new comment is posted on your blog, this effective plugin will send a notification to all admins and allow any of them to do the necessary action.

17. YARPP Plugin
Yet Another Related Posts Plugin explains what it does with the title itself. It may just be another one from the Related Posts block, but it works so well that most top bloggers are preferring it over other plugins. This is a great feature for both you and your readers as well.

18. Backup Buddy Plugin
Aside from the ability to create valuable backup for your website, Backup Buddy also allows users to migrate to an existing website content with ease. This is a great tool for those who love tweaking their websites every now and then, as well as for those who want to create similar websites on new domains.

19. Broken Link Checker Plugin
Nothing is more annoying than a broken link. Not only does it annoy users, it also turns off search engine spiders. This is where the Broken Links Checker comes in. It’s also useful for missing images too. This is one of the basic plugins you need to have. Download it here.

20. Popup Domination
If you don’t want your readers to get annoyed with unsightly pop-ups, you better install this plugin NOW. This tool allows you to create a specialized lightbox pop-ups with the content and design you want your readers to see. A nice pop-up will spell a big difference in the opt-in’s game.

21. OIO Publisher Plugin
The OIO Publisher Plugin helps its users to create effective advertising campaigns without the hassles and troubles of coding. It also features a built-in affiliate program to help readers become regular customers. It also offers numerous options on where to place your ads. Internet marketers just dig this useful plugin.

22. Add Post Footer
Is there something that you want to say at the end of each post? A reminder to subscribe maybe or a customized message for your readers? The Add Post Footer plugin will help you to do this with ease. It automatically adds text, html codes, ad codes, tags or related links to each post you put up. Yes, automatically!

23. Cool Author Box
Put your stamp at the end of each blog post. This cool plugin will add a personalized author box with your name, bio and Gravatar photo to each and every post. The information is based on your WordPress profile.

24. Disqus Comment System
Take your comments to the next level. This plugin will replace your default WordPress comment system and make it easier and more interactive. Threaded comments and replies, notifications via email, full spam filtering, these are just some of its wonderful features.

25. Thank Me Later
It’s like a thank you letter for the people who attended your party. This great plugin sends an email to all of your site’s first-time visitors but of course, you have customization abilities to say whatever you want. Remind them to subscribe, ask them to visit again or simply just say hi. Successful marketers know the power of follow-ups, and it’s time that you do too.

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