Santa Claus uses Siri in new Apple iPhone 4S ad

Apple has debuted a new TV ad for their flagship iPhone 4S smartphone on U.S. broadcast and cable networks. The ad features Santa Claus using the iPhone 4S’s signature feature, its Siri personal assistant.

In the ad, Santa asks, “How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house?” Siri gives Santa the directions.

Santa asks, “Is it cold in Santa Fe tonight? Raleigh? Cleveland, tonight?” Siri gives Old Saint Nick the temps.

“Find that email with the ‘Naughty or Nice List,’” Mr. Kringle instructs Siri in the next scene.

As Santa eats a Christmas cookie, Siri says, “New message from Mrs. Claus, ‘Go easy on the cookies.’” The big guy chuckles. And keeps eating.

Back in his sleigh, Father Christmas asks, “How does the rest of my day look?” Siri responds, “You have 3.7 billion appointments.”

The spot ends on a black sky with light snow and a white Apple logo.

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One Response to "Santa Claus uses Siri in new Apple iPhone 4S ad"

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