Making Your Way around Street Photography

Street photography is one of the most exciting and interesting forms of photography as you have no control over the environment or the outcome. It is important to note that although it produces interesting results, street photography is not very easy and often poses dilemmas to the photographer. Here are a few predicaments street photographers face.

Being discreet

Street photography entails taking photographs of strangers around you. This can be a daunting task if you don’t blend with the surroundings as more and more people are becoming wary of being photographed. It can also be a little scary for photographers who have just started experimenting with street photography.

To take full advantage of the infinite possibilities of street photography, it is important to dress like the crowd. Ensure that the flash in your camera is switched off before you start photographing the streets. You could also bring along a friend to act as decoy while you take pictures of people on the streets.

 Dealing with moral and ethical dilemmas


It is obvious that by taking photographs of strangers on the street, you are violating their privacy. Look out for people who are very fussy about being photographed and send across a friendly smile to assure them that you are harmless. Photographers suggest that you give explanations after you have taken the photograph rather than asking for permission as this defeats the cause of capturing the natural rhythm of the street.

 Keep your camera ready


You never know when you might come across an unusually interesting idea. Be on the lookout for specific ideas like emotions, irony, unknowingly clever juxtapositions and other interesting and visually striking elements. Turn off all the sounds that your camera makes and use normal to wide angle lenses. Street photographs are not particularly impressive with telephoto lenses.

Tip: Do not throw away any photographs even if you think they are not good. They may appear differently when you look at them with a different perspective.

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