Apple Announces iPhone 5 [Live]

We’ve got our press badge, and we’re still waiting outside the Yerba Buena Center. Fruit, little baked goods, and coffee are set up for those that need some sustenance.

Apple inadvertently confirmed that the name for its sixth-generation iPhone will be the iPhone 5. The name appeared in two inactive links when looking up “iphone 5” in the company’s site search tool. Searching for “iphone lte” reveals another inactive page that appears to detail the new iPhone’s LTE support. A new iPod nano and iPod touch also appeared in the search results. For more details, read our story here.

A better view of the door.

Even the door got the Apple design treatment.

Oh hey! It’s a line of reporters outside the Yerba Buena Center, waiting for registration. It’s a chilly, foggy morning in San Francisco!

Apple will take the stage today at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts to unveil what’s widely expected to be its sixth-generation iPhone. Anticipation has been building for months, and Gadget Lab will be there reporting the announcements live.

Most observers expect Apple’s newest iPhone to feature a larger 4-inch display, redesigned form factor, smaller dock connector, and 4G LTE connectivity. We’re also looking for some sort of refresh of Apple’s iPod line.

Gadget Lab editor John Bradley (@johnwbradley) and staff writer Christina Bonnington (@redgirlsays) will be on-site to deliver the goings-on as they happen.

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